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Birutė Zokaitytė

Aistė Bugailiškytė, lietuvių dailininkė

Birutė Zokaitytė - was born in family of artists, in Vilnius, 1968. In 1986 graduated from Vilnius Mikalojaus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Secondary School of Art (now National Mikalojaus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Arts Gymnasium). 1987-1995 studied graphics at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 1994 organizes personal and participates in group exhibitions, symposiums in Lithuania, USA, France, Slovenia, Romania, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Argentina, Turkey, Scotland, Japan, Finland, Norway, etc. In 1997 became member in Union of Lithuanian Artists.

Birute Zokaitytė has won Lithuanian and international awards for graphic works. Artworks have been acquired by Lithuanian Art Museum, Center of Modern Art (Vilnius), European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium), private galleries and collectors from Lithuania and abroad.


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