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Bronius Rudys

Aistė Bugailiškytė, lietuvių dailininkė

Bronius Rudys - was born in 1954, in Vepai (Panevėžys district). In 1972-1977 he studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute. Since 1986 – member of Lithuanian Artists Union, 2021 became the chairman of Šiauliai branch. Participates in exhibitions since 1977. Organized more than 30 author exhibitions. Areas of creative activity: printed and unique graphics - drawings, installations, objects, performances. For artist, drawing is not just one of many types of art, but an essential means of expression, a way of thinking, and a philosophy.

Author's works have been purchased by the National Museum of Lithuanian Art, Šiauliai "Aušros", Zimmerli (Zimmerli Art Museum, NY), foreign galleries (Australia, Finland, Sweden, Germany), private collectors.


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