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Daiva Kairevičiūtė

Daiva Kairevičiūtė - lietuvių grafikė, fotografė

Daiva Kairevičiūtė – Lithuanian graphic artist and photographer. Observing her work, associations with the ancient black-figure pottery come to life – bright, neutral backgrounds, black, extremely dynamic, agile figures. They break out of the sheet format and take our thoughts to other spaces as if living their own separate and strange life that is interesting and curious to look at. The main heroine of the artist is a free, strong woman who is constantly doing something, moving, as if dancing her mysterious being. Sometimes she incarnates as a plant, bird, or wild animal, emphasizing the naturalness of the human soul and its strong relationship with nature. The monochrome of the created image is enlivened by a leaf, flower, ribbon, or other details, coloured in bright colours, and at the same time enhancing the sparkling, contrasting emotional charge of the works.


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