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Laima Kriukelienė

Aistė Bugailiškytė, lietuvių dailininkė

Laima Kriukelienė – I am a member of the Lithuanian Union of Artists, I have been granted the status of Artist. I devote all my free time to creative pursuits: easel and wall painting, graphics, three-dimensional compositions, organizing exhibitions, participating in plein airs. I presented my work in many group art exhibitions in various Lithuanian museums and galleries and organized over 40 exhibitions of original creative works. In the last decade, I have been devoting most of my creative time to painting large-format canvases on the theme of Lithuanian history. An important stage of creative activity is cooperation with the historian and archaeologist academician. prof. Dr. Eugenijumis Jovaiša and illustration of his publications. I find time for painting abstractions, portraits, figurative compositions. After a difficult work with a historical theme, painting abstractions or portraits is the truest relaxation and music of colours for me...


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