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Ramutė Juršienė

Aistė Bugailiškytė, lietuvių dailininkė

Ramutė Juršienė was born in 1956 April 4 in Lazdijai district. Ceramicist, member of the Lithuanian Union of Artists since 1995. Studied at Kaunas S. Žukas Technical School of Applied Art, at then Department of Applied Art at Kaunas Faculty of the Art Institute. She developed at then M. Lomonosov porcelain factory. She worked for 24 years at Kaunas fine ceramics factory "Jiesia", since 1999 she has been working in her personal studio, doing creative work.

Since 1984, she has been participating in exhibitions, plain airs and symposiums in Lithuania and abroad. Artist's works can be found in Lithuanian Art and National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museums, private collections.


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