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Tatjana Diščenko

Aistė Bugailiškytė, lietuvių dailininkė

Tatjana Diščenko - was born in 1953 Kingiseppe (Estonia). in 1970 graduated from the Art School in Vilnius. 1970-1975 studied at the Ukrainian Press Academy in Lviv, majoring in graphics. Worked in the fields of book graphics and animation (she was an artist-builder of 5 cartoons). In 2001 became a member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists. Since 1975 participates in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad (in Norway, Poland, Japan, Macedonia, USA, Russia, Hungary, Argentina, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Great Britain, Australia).

Author's works are preserved in world museums in Lithuania, Poland, Argentina, Romania, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Macedonia, Croatia, France, as well as in private collections in Lithuania and abroad.

Tatjana currently lives and works in Lithuania.


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