The album Antanas Samuolis (2006) introduces an extraordinary figure of 20th century Lithuanian painting. The artist, who left few works and lived a short life (1899–1942), was enveloped over time by growing popularity and recognition, and his work became the object of interest and artistic incentives for many generations of Lithuanian painters. The compiler of the book and the author of the text Viktoras Liutkus writes that the work of A. Samuolis is much like the path of modernization of Lithuanian painting. It lacks painful introspection, exposing irony and grotesque emotions. The value of the book is increased by the fact that all the surviving works of A. Samuolis are registered and described.

There is a summary in English.

Project manager dr. Danutė Zovienė, painter Eugenijus Karpavičius.

Supported by the Culture and Sports Support Foundation, published by UAB Sapnų sala.

Circulation of the book 700 copies, format 240 x 300 mm, hardcover with a folder.

Album Antanas Samuolis. Compiled by Viktoras Liutkus