Jonas Vaitys (1903–1963) - a classic of 20th-century Lithuanian art, whose work is still poorly activated in the landscape of our artistic memory. During the interwar period, the artist stood out as a painter of social themes, creating a unique "gallery of images of poverty" and characterized by a variety of stylistic searches. In the post-war period, with the advent of the Soviet era, he became famous as a landscaper - an observer of falling asleep or waking nature, a master of melting snow. J. Vaitys also left a bright mark in the history of Lithuanian art pedagogy and institutions: he was the director of Kaunas State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Until his death, he was a lecturer at Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, and for a couple of terms he was the chairman of the Kaunas branch of the Lithuanian SSR Artists' Union. This book is a comprehensive monograph that reviews not only the work of Jonas Vaitys, but also a wide biographical field, presenting him as a creator and a person with the teacher's charisma. The biographical part is richly illustrated with documentary material. The work is discussed by sequentially distinguishing three creative periods, and a rich section of reproductions of works is presented. The monograph is complemented by the memories of families, former students and colleagues, which reveal J. Vaitys' activities in rescuing art creators from Soviet repression. At the end, detailed bibliographic and exhibition information is provided, as well as a list of famous works assembled for the first time, supplemented by surviving photographs.

Album Jonas Vaitys