Album monograph Audrius Puipa. Virtuoso of Life and Art (2012). For the title of the book, its author Ramutė Rachlevičiūtė chose words to name the exhibition of the artist's work that traveled through Lithuania. At the beginning of the album, the most important works of Audrius Puipa (1960–1997) are published - watercolors, which he created for a long time and carefully. Although he had completed his studies in graphics, he always perceived graphics as a secondary field performing a reproductive function. The artist himself ranked the works as follows: the most important were watercolors, then - lithographs, etchings, and in the third place - serigraphs, which he himself (of course, this was only the author's opinion) did not even consider as independent works, but called them reproductions. Audrius Puipa's creative personality embraced everything - he even crafted somehow differently and "puipaly". In the book it was attempted to collect as many of his crafted artifacts, letters, diaries, and drawings as possible, so that the reader could get the most complete picture of this extraordinary artist. This is aided by the artist's letters published in the appendices to the book, with excerpts quoted from the works. And further in the book - what the artist loved immensely - his family, friends, living paintings, well, and of course, a list of exhibitions and works, the most important dates in life for those who will need it.


Year: 2012

Pages: 352, is a summary in English.

ISBN 978-9986-716-82-2

Format 240 x 280 mm, hardcover with a folder

Album-monograph Audrius Puipa. Virtuoso of Life and Art