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The book is based on the documentary heritage and photographs stored in the archives of the Antanas Mončys House-Museum. The correspondence, much of which is presented in this book, covers the period 1949–1993. The geography of the addressees' places of residence is very wide: Lithuania, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Australia. Published in the book are the best letters revealing the creative path of A. Mončys - from his first steps in emigration, the Freiburg School of Arts and Crafts, to recognition abroad and in Lithuania. The publication presents the most important dates of A. Mončys' life and work, which will help the reader to get a better overall picture from the fragments of events reflected in the letters, and a detailed introductory article by Giedrė Asin Marco. In order to maintain the authenticity of the correspondence, the language of the correspondence was not edited, only the spelling was corrected, and sometimes, for clarity, the punctuation. Facsimile originals of some letters are published. We hope that this book will be an incentive for anyone with sculptor's letters or other documentary heritage to pass them on to the museum, supplementing the archive of A. Mončys' legacy.


Year: 2015

Pages: 448ISBN: 9786098154030

ormat: 17 x 25 cm, hard covers

Language: Lithuanian

Antanas Mončys' correspondence. I live too far.


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