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This reflective badge is a joint project of the MARCH design studio and the Artists' Union Foundation. The works of the artist Elvyra Kairiūkštytė are characterized by figurative, metaphorical, grotesque, irony and erotic images, expressiveness, unrestrained composition. The print, a fragment of which decorates the badge, is stored in the Foundation of the Artists' Union. Stand out from the crowd by wearing a piece of artwork and be seen on the road!



REFLECTIVE BADGE. Elvyra Kairiukštytė

This reflective badge is a result of collaboration between MARCH design studio and Artists' Association Foundation. The artworks of Elvyra Kairiūkštytė are characterized by a figurative,
metaphorical image permeated with grotesque, irony and eroticism, expressiveness and unrestrained composition. The imprint, a fragment of which adorns the badge, is kept in the collection of the Artists' Association Foundation. Be noticed in a crowd wearing a detail of an artwork and be visible on the road!

REFLECTIVE BADGE with a fragment of Elvyra Kairiukštytė's work