The monograph-album Rimantas Daugintis (2007) presents various works of a sculptor who left this world early (1944–1990). According to art critic Gražina Kliaugienė, he “created works of various genres - from monuments to medals. The various forms of the world - from celebration to laughter - are also reflected in his works. By the way, this is perhaps the only sculptor of ours whose sense of humor shattered the established myth of "noble sculptural art". The paradoxicality of Daugintis' mindset, the sense of moderation and taste seem to have crossed the invisible barrier of "humorous sculpture". The book publishes the most important works of the sculptor in public spaces, small plastics, it is a comprehensive catalog of works. Art research text by Ieva Pleikienė, essay - Mykolas Karčiauskas. 128 p. book circulation 500 copies, format 210 x 270 mm, hardcover with folder. 2007 The album was awarded the prize of the Lithuanian Artists' Association in the Lithuanian Book Art Competition.


Compiled by Daiva Daugintienė and dr. Danutė Zovienė

Year: 2007

ISBN 978-9986-716-57-0

Monograph-album Rimantas Daugintis