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"I painted because I can't not paint"


Gintautas Vasionis felt a calling to art after celebrating his 60th anniversary, although his inclination towards art became evident in his high school days, when he was taught by the sculptor Konstantinas Bogdanas in the sixth secondary school in Kaunas, who awakened his imagination and love for art. Then Gintautas felt a taste for creativity: he created theater decorations for school performances, designed a wall newspaper, actively expressed himself in the watercolor group. He was already familiar with art in his family, where since childhood he heard music and conversations about art in the environment of his relatives. 


Dr. Nijolė Tumėnien 

Gintautas Augustinas Vasionis "Landscapes and flowers"

  • ISBN 978-609-420-763-1

    Number of pages: 200 pages

    Format: 235x305 mm

  • Compiler:Gintautas A. Vasionis

    Prefaces: Dr. Nijolė Tumėnienė, prof. Algirdas Juozas Pilipavičius, Liudvikas Pocius, Giedrė Bulotaitė-Jurkūnienė, Aloyzas Stasiulevičius 

    Artist:  Giedrė Ringelevičienė

    Translator:Dainora Venckevičienė

    Photographers: Gintautas A. Vasionis, Antanas Lukšėnas, Antanas Razmus 

    Printing house: UAB "Petro offsetas"

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