The book seeks to remember one of the most professional and interesting 20th century Lithuanian art critic Gražina Kliaugienė (1944–1995). Her short life was colored not only by a creative drive, recognition, but also a shadow of tragic events and uncontrollable destruction of the personality. The monograph wanted to look at the creative legacy of an art critic from today's point of view, reflecting more broadly on the principles of art criticism in general, and collect as many all G. Kliaugienė's articles published in Lithuanian periodicals, art publications and catalogs as possible.

Memoirs of contemporaries, written both shortly after the death of the art critic and a quarter of a century later, are also published.


The cover uses Raimondas Savickas 'painting "Art Critic Gražina Kliaugienė" (1993, canvas, oil, 100 × 80 cm) from Juozas Pilipavičius' collection.


The book uses photos from: Lithuanian literature and art, the weekly Literatūra ir menas, the Lithuanian Artists 'Union, the Artists' Union publishing house artseria, the archives of the magazine Dailė, as well as the Gražina Kliaugienė family and artists Jonas Daniliauskas, Živilė Bardzilauskaitė and Juris Bergins, Jurgit and the personal archives of Darius Gerlikas, Raimondas Martinėnas, Raimondas Savickas, Mindaugas Skudutis, Jūratė Stauskaitė, Ramunė Vėliuvienė, Nijolė Vilutienė, Elena Nona Zavadskienė.


Year: 2021

Compiled by: dr. Danutė Zovienė

Publisher: Independent Art Critics

Sponsor: Lithuanian Culture Council

ISBN 978-609-95888-1-0

Copies: 500

Language: Lithuanian

Gražina Kliaugienė. WITH YOUR TRUTH