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"Igoris Piekuras is an artist whose paintings and collages depicted the modernization of Lithuania and the world and offered an optical and material timer of changes. The artist's paintings not only depicted the most important works of the 20th century. themes, - war, space exploration, nature changed by man and technology - but also suggested ways to look at them.


Today, the work of Igor Piekurs allows a new look at the dramatic 20th century. history in the 21st century prism, or vice versa - to see current cataclysms (pandemic, war in Ukraine) through the eyes of an artist. Not only historical parallels, but also the approaching global art field encourages Piekur's work to be evaluated in a wider cultural context, not only to delve into the uniqueness of his artistic thinking, but also to reveal interactions with current trends in Western art. These connections were highlighted by international and Lithuanian artists' exhibitions, where Piekur's works played an important role as a timer of the era, revealing the links between art, scientific experiments and life.


In this book, we look at the work of Igor Piekurs from the 21st century. perspectives where world events, climate change, technological developments and new theoretical approaches highlight what the artist has opened up in his works using the vocabulary of painting available to him. However, when placed in new contexts, the artist's works are revealed to be much more complex both in terms of ideas and methods of representation. Piekur's torn, torn, negative and replicated landscapes speak not only about the transformations of nature, but also about the ecological concern for the planet Earth and the future of our everyday earth."


– Laima Kreivytė

Igor Piekuras

  • ISBN 978-609-8154-31-3

    Circulation: 500 copies

    Number of pages: page 240

    Soft binding

    Paper: Maxi Satin 170g, Arktika 250g

    Format: 210x280 mm

  • Compiled by:  Laima Kreivytė

    Text authors: Laima Kreivytė, Agnė Narušytė, Vincas Kisarauskas

    Designer:  Violeta Boskaitė

    Editor: Rita Markulienė

    Translator: Aleksandra Fominaitė

    The publication publishes the memories of Aleksandra Velikorodina-Garveva, Boleslov Motuza, Vladimir Tarasav, Libert Klimka, Julia Rita Klimkiene, Indrė Klimkaitė, Lina Klimkaitė-Petraitienė, Vitalija and Vitalius Stepulii and Valentin Kaplūnas about Igor Piekurs, collected from personal archives and diaries.

    Printing house:  WHITE print