Having created his associative, metaphorical style of artistic creation, J. Daniliauskas has become a significant figure of the Lithuanian painting school in recent decades, reviving the vision of a patriarchal Lithuania pushed by technological information civilization into non-existence. Turning to the vibrant sources of folk culture and art tradition did not prevent him from becoming a modern painter who took over the various achievements of classical modernism - we see this in the compositional, color and plastic solutions of his canvases. The work of J. Daniliauskas is one of the most striking manifestations of Lithuanianness in our art, as the canvases are imbued with the ideas of nationality that overwhelm the creator's imagination; here it is constantly reminded of the land of parents and ancestors, the landscapes of the homeland, the creatures living in them, the spirit of the way of life, the customs. It is, in fact, one of the last songs of the endangered patriarchal Lithuania, and at the same time the classics of our painting, the system of artistic images of which has changed little for almost four decades.



Compiler and scientific editor: Antanas Andrijauskas

Year: 2021

Pages: 207

ISBN 978-609-8154-21-4

Format: 28 cm x 25 cm, hardcover

Publisher: ArtSeria

Language: Lithuanian, English, French

Jonas Daniliauskas. Between the white lambs. Painting. Drawings.