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Juozas Adomonis is a famous ceramicist, critic, theorist and pedagogue, honored as the Meritorious Artist, awarded the Cross of the Officer of the Order of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas, and the Government Art Prize. As for the artist's activity, the description "classic" inevitably gets used by many evaluators. What is really significant, however, is that he has earned real, informal professional authority among colleagues and students. Paradoxically, although Juozas Adomonis has been mentioned for many years in the review of each important exhibition, one other commemorative article has been published, this book is the first review presentation of his work.

The author of the text of the book is dr. Aleksandra Aleksandravičiūtė, compiled by Juozas Adomonis and dr. Danutė Zovienė

Year: 2011

Pages: 134

ISBN 978-9986-716-76-1

Format: 200 x 230 mm, hardcover

Juozas Adomonis. Compiled by Juozas Adomonis, Danutė Zovienė