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Elvyra Katalina Kriaučiūnaitė is a person with a complex and unique destiny, born in distant Argentina, came to Lithuania as a teenager and realized herself here in her work, which manifested itself in the combination of a passionate temperament of Argentine origin and restrained Lithuanian roots. E. K. Kriaučiūnaitė enriched today's Lithuanian graphic arts with colorfulness, expressiveness, and a free flow full of echoes of southern tango.


This book is the first attempt to cover the rich work of a talented artist, to connect the facts of her life and creative biography that had an impact on the formation of worldly and artistic attitudes, to reveal stylistic changes in her drawing and to provide an opportunity to get to know the creator's art world more closely.



Compiled by: Regina Urbonienė

Artist: Rūta Mozūraitė

Year: 2022

Pages: 216

Circulation: 550 copies.

Changing time / Shifting time


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