"Grybo auksas" is a comic book about one of the most famous twentieth centuries Lithuanian sculptor Vincas Grybas (1890-1941). The comic book born in the creative process of his granddaughter Rasa Grybaitė and the illustrator of the popular graphic novel "Siberian Haiku", will reveal the artist's personality and life story. By turning this comic book pages, you will experience deprivation, creative hardship and discovery, joy and love with the sculptor. In the twentieth century you will look at European cities through the eyes of Grybas, will meet his teacher Emil Antanas Burdelis - a sculpture legend of that time. The comic book will tell you why and how monuments to Vytautas the Great and Simonas Daukantas and other famous monuments created by Grybas appeared in Lithuanian cities. You will also find out where Vincas Grybas hid his "gold".


Art critic

Saulė Mažeikaitė-Teiberė


Year: 2021

Pages: 101

ISBN 978-609-8154-23-8

Formats: 195 x 265 x 10

Publisher: Artists' Association Publishing House artSeria

Language: Lithuanian

Lina Itagaki. Rasa Grybaitė. Comic book GRYBO AUKSAS