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Marina Abramović catalog of works.


Marina Abramović  is one of today's most famous artists, known as the "Godmother of Performance". Extremely charismatic, fearless, dramatic and crowd-inspiring, the artist and her unique performances, balancing on the edge of fear, pain and exhaustion, have captivated the attention of millions of people for more than four decades. a creator whose performances are intended not only to surprise, but also to question existential questions, to provoke and test the possibilities of the human body and spirit.



Publisher: Art Park

Year: 2022

Pages: 280

ISBN: 9789955674498

Version code: 9

Format: 21.5 x 28 x 1.8 cm, soft covers

Language: Lithuanian

Translator: Agnė Narušytė

Marina Abramović. Cleaner

29,00 €Price

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