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Red. History of Color is the first book published in Lithuanian from the Histoire d'une couleur series of Michel Pastoreau's books on color (others: Bleu (Blue), 2000; Noir (Black), 2008; Vert (Green), 2013). It explores the social and cultural history of color in Europe, based on a wealth of iconographic material. Red was first used in the West for both drawing and painting. So probably that is why it has been a color por excellence for so long, the strongest and most charged of all - materially, socially, oneiristically and symbolically. It was admired by the Romans and Greeks, and in antiquity it was a symbol of power, wealth, and greatness. In the Middle Ages, it acquires a strong religious dimension, reminiscent of both the blood of Christ and the flames of hell. And in a secular sense, it is a color of love, fame, and beauty, as well as a color of pride, coercion, and lust.


Author: Michel Pastoureau
Year: 2018
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9786098154139
Format: 235 x 235 mm, paperback
Language: Lithuanian
Translator: Rasa Balčikonytė

Michel Pastoreau, Red. History of Color


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