Album of the artist Meda Norbutaitė (compiler Antanas Andrijauskas, authors Antanas Andrijauskas, Salomėja Jastrumskytė, Austėja Mikuckytė-Mateikienė, Gintautas, artist Gytis Skudžinskas). The album reveals the motifs, philosophical subtexts, and creative psychology of the artist's work. It contains more than 100 reproductions of works. The album covers all of the artist’s work. The authors of the texts identify the objects of the artist's creative aspirations - the enigmatic world of experience, in which the logic of eroticism and passion operates, they describe painting techniques, peculiarities of textures and relief structures, connection with other artists' work, discuss themes of sacrifice, efforts of criticism, and liberation, see the links of multi-painting with the principle of Gilles Deleuze’s rhizome, characterized by the intensity of lust. Important insights of the authors of the texts are supplemented by reviews of Norbutaitė's work published in the cultural press. The album also publishes the author's own article The Language of Art, which reflects on the nature of creative thought, the mysterious processes of the emergence of art forms, which are not captured by the rational language of aesthetics and philosophy of art.


Year: 2020

Pages: 288

ISBN 978-609-8154-17-7

Format 240 x 270 mm, hardcover with a folder

Monograph-album Meda Norbutaitė