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"Five Echoes - Five Possibilities" is the latest book - (non)monography by sculptor Robert Antinis (1946), laureate of the National Culture and Art Prize. This, the artist's fourth publication, is the first attempt to provide a broader overview and presentation of the author's diverse work: public space sculptures, monuments, objects, installations, also touching on the relationship with his father, the sculptor Robert Antinius the Elder (1898-1981). The (non)monography consists of five parts: About epitaphs; About inclusions; About ephemera; About words; About about.

At the same time, it is also an artist's book - its structure and form are compiled and created together with the author, maintaining his main principle - creativity never stops and never ends, it constantly develops and transforms. Therefore, the works are presented not as archival documentation, but always with the author's own interpretations and insights.


Compilers: Robertas Antinis, Kotryna Džilavjan, Airida Rekštytė.


Year: 2019

Pages: 108

ISBN 978-9955-674-47-4

Format: 29 x 29 cm





Robert Antinis "Five reverberations - five possibilities" (No) monograph