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Romas Orantas (1949–2012) emerges in the art of Lithuanian book as a master of graphic style with his own original and unique worldview. The artist created graphic works and book illustrations. Over time, both of these creative areas became inseparable. The artist illustrated and designed many works by Lithuanian and foreign authors. The original style of his work was best revealed in the illustrations of poetry. The peculiar character of the drawing, characterized by the harmony of subtle tones and lines, the calm shift of the rhythm of the images, the deliberate incompleteness of the drawings, the specific sensitive, almost punctualistic nature of the stroke, allow to unmistakably recognize the books illustrated and designed by Romas Orantas. The book publishes memories and photos of family members, colleagues, and like-minded people, dr. Jolita Liškevičienė's art research text analyzing R. Orantas' works, reproductions of works. Appendices include a bibliography of R. Orantas' works, lists of illustrated and designed works.


Year: 2014
Pages: 104
ISBN: 9789986716976
Format: 205 x 235 mm, hardcover

Romas Orantas

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