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The paintings of the painter Vygantas Paukštė cannot be confused with the works of any other artist. His favorite topics: the author of lyrical-romantic situations usually examines the relationship between a woman and a man, man and nature. His usual strategy is to swap meanings, paraphrase known myths, and associate ritual action with the every-day one. All of the artist's work is characterized by gentle irony. The language of painting does not change either - it is poetic. There's also soft silhouette drawing, sensitive color relationships characteristic only of the artist.

The author and compiler of the text is Milda Žvirblytė, designer Ramunė Januševičiūtė, translator Irena Jomantienė, project manager Danutė Zovienė. Year: 2012

Pages: 96

Series Contemporary Lithuanian Artists. Vygantas Paukštė


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