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The book To Žygimantas Augustas (compiled by Žygimantas Augustinas, in English) is dedicated to the Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, King Žygimantas Augustas of Poland (1520-1572). Unlike the monographs of most historical personalities, this publication offers an artistic adventure rather than another biography. The romantic love story of the 16th century King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Žygimantas Augustas and Barbora Radvilaitė offers us two heroes to align with. The king's namesake, the author of this book, Žygimantas August(in)as, tries to become similar to Žygimantas Augustas (1520-1572) and Barbora Radvilaitė (1520-1551), with the help of auto-portrait painting and craniometric data.

Compiled by Žygimantas Augustinas

Year: 2020

ISBN 978609815419-1

Pages: 160

Format: 245 x 275 mm

Language: English

To Žygimantas Augustas