The book Valentinas Antanavičius. Life without a parade is a collection of memories and thoughts of a famous painter, supplemented by drawings by the author, photos of colleagues and friends. According to V. Antanavičius, “every person's life is unique. I have already gone through most of my life. No one knows how much is left. It seems to me that in many cases the direction and style of the creator is determined by the experiences and impressions of childhood and youth. Feeling that much from my memory is beginning to wear out, I will try to subjectively capture some fragments of my childhood, youth, and later experiences in this essay. I have no literary claims or talents. Let this essay be an explanatory note for my work." At the end of the book, the facts of V. Antanavičius' life and work, lists of exhibitions, bibliography are presented.


Compiled by Valentinas Antanavičius and dr. Danutė Zovienė.

Year: 2010

Format: 205 x 235 mm, hardcover

Valentinas Antanavičius. Life without a parade