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In the book Vytautas Šerys. All about nothing. Poetry, Drawings (compiled by Antanas A. Jonynas) there are published about 100 poems by V. Šeris and about 50 drawings. Vytautas Šerys (1931–2006) - sculptor, painter, poet was gifted with an artist's diverse talent, was absolutely plastic-pitch perfect, and was obeyed not only by the chisel, the brush, but also the poetic word. V. Šeris can be called an artist-poet - the expression of word and image in his works are inseparable. The harmony of forms, words, colors and lines reveals the essence of the artist's work, marked by drama, transparent dreaminess, and a huge charge of energy. The poems of V. Šeris were selected and the book was composed by the poet Antanas A. Jonynas, and the art critic dr. Ieva Pleikienė, together with Judita Šerienė, the custodian of V. Šeris' creative legacy, selected the artist's thoughts from the rich written archive, which reflect the way of his life and work.


Compiled by Antanas A. Jonynas, Ieva Pleikienė

Year: 2010
Pages: 120
ISBN: 9789986716617
Format: 205 x 240 mm, hardcover

Vytautas Šerys. All about nothing. Poetry, drawings


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